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We are emerging into the most interactive and very very interesting world of shopping. Launching Soon!

In The Race of Building The Future of Shopping

Internet Of Things Changed The Way We Do Shopping. The Retail Landscape And The Retail Experience Is Evolving From Multi-Channel To Omni-Channel.

Next Generation E-Commerce

Mazedon seamless shopping with digital and physical presence will give shoppers knowledge about the product and make shopping a better experience. From store, to website, to app gives same and seamless customer experience every time.

Flexible Collection & Rapid Delivery

We ensure shopping for our customers is simple, easy and a memorable experience. This includes delivery, and return. Customers can select their delivery preferences with our multi-channel delivery including the convenience of getting it immediately.

Immerse Shopping Experience

Mazedon provides seamless shopping experience with one-screen, one-store consistent experience across retail channels & touch points. An exciting in-store environment that engages shoppers and turns shopping as a social experience.

Ease of Shopping

Mazedon's shopping platform is where the customer easily discovers and experience products in the most efficient manner possible including touch, feel, and know the product. Researching on product online is easier, just online or go to the store and pick it up.

In-Person Customer Service

Mazedon’s human-centric customer service with brilliant technology helps provide in-person customer service online or at our store that creates a whole new customer experience - an experience that the customer won’t forget.

Revolutionary Technology

Mazedon's revolutionary and state of the art technology will serve the customer optimally, using all different channels, without the customer noticing a difference in experience between channels - Web, Store, Mobile & Internet of Things.

The World's Biggest Startup Must Think Big!
Revolutionary Technology Company. Come From the Future.
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Diverse Backgrounds And Perspectives To Spark Innovation!

Diversity & Innovation: Extensive knowledge from years of research and has expertise in implementing.

Alexander Leenus

Co-Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur and Tech Revolutionist. Studying the Wall Street. Time Travel to Solve Today’s Problem with Tomorrow’s Solution.

Jameson Evans


Love Bitcoin, Big Data, and Social Entrepreneurship. Currently Exploring How Blockchains and Digital Currency Will Change Our World.

A Different Kind of Company on The Planet. Its Hybrid!

An entirely whole new level of business for a successful 21st century venture.

The World's Biggest Startup.

Mazedon Inc. is an American start-up technology company focused on the development of intelligent shopping. Mazedon was established in November 2015 and is headquartered in New York City, New York. Mazedon provides seamless shopping experience with on-screen, one-store consistent experience across retail channels and touch points for the wide variety of consumer goods.

Mazedon sells goods (B2C) in whichever combination of online and in-store the customer desires. Mazedon carries general merchandise, luxury goods, selection of groceries and digital contents. Mazedon also provides all in one marketplace service (B2B2C) to sellers, focused on handmade items & unique factory-manufactured goods.

Mazedon is a different kind of company with a different view of the world. At Mazedon, customers come first. We put our customers first and strive to secure their loyalty through top quality service to being a love-mark for people in our planet. We leverage our personal brand, personal relationships, and human touch to make our customers feel special.

We rely on our employees’ diverse backgrounds and perspectives to spark innovation and foster notable business results. Mazedon is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, that is committed to inclusion and diversity. We also take affirmative action to offer employment and advancement opportunities to all applicants, including minorities, women, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities. We recognize the value of our talent, and we strive to harness all of this business intelligence to provide immeasurable value.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a place where the world shops; to make shopping simple, interactive and a memorable experience; to lead the technology revolution through inspiring products and services that are sustainable and change the world.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is always same as today from the inception of Mazedon to make the world a place for better living, building a better economy by creating better jobs and deliver happiness to all.

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  •   315 Madison Ave 3rd Floor, New York City, NY 10017
Revolutionary. Brilliant. Next Big Thing. The Future.
Many people are saying "Mazedon is the future of shopping, new big thing, revolutionary, brilliant concept, benefits consumers and manufacturers!

The concept is a brilliant one. Consumers benefit, manufacturers benefit and the industry on a whole will benefit from this evolutionary type thinking. That video speaks to a lot of the necessary nonsense customers have to go through, worse online - but it was funny though. Great pioneering work Alexander Leenus and team looking forward to when it finally launches globally.

Expert Economist, Researcher, Market and Business Analyst -  Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, Jamaica

One of the best write-up on retailing past present and future. I am not a retailing guru but having worked in the industry for more than 11 years and watching the industry and real experience of shopping. I am glad I found an interesting reading and indicative of the trend. The diagram on Omni-Channel says it all. Most consumers want a touch and feel, know the product and knowledge of sales guy is very important. Now that researching on product online is easier just online or go to store and pick it up. The human interface is still wanted and real stores are going to stay.

IT Professional

Commendable thoughts illustrated by you. Have always believed that in the current new-age consumer world where Internet and Tech is integral part of life, the debate about ONLINE vs OFFLINE is thinning down & it’s more about an AND relationship which will work better than an OR one. Hence the physical Stores need to get digitally enabled and connected to the Consumer thereby being more economical/efficient whereas the Digital need to merge to offer a seamless experience to the Customer who remains connected. Simply put, if the Customer is your key and he/she is Omni-channel, so should be the Retailer. How to do this economically and efficiently, keeping Customer experience & seamless delivery remains the challenge and success also lies here. Keep connecting!

CEO -  INTEX Group

Strong and accurate assessment……now retailers need a process to create the Seamless Circular Commerce that customers expect.

CEO and Founder Retail Consulting Inc. Member North American Advisory Board -  SAP

Traditional retailers need to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and upgrade their retail strategies to a seamless customer experience in order to survive as the future of retail is now!

Doctoral Researcher on Omni-Channel Strategy -  Leeds University

Revolution it is …importance of Omni-channel business model.

Senior Manager -  Sears Canada

One step at a time but evolution seems to be unstoppable!

Business Manager -  Apple

Shopping plays an important role in our everyday life. Always we go to buy something for our needs. Particularly when we do online shopping, the first thing we look for product specification, quality, and price. Unfortunately, these details are not very clear, not available or confusing. I believe the primary reason in these online marketplaces are, seller have a lack of knowledge or not trained. Another issue with online shopping is they use unpleasant tricks with customers to sell things. Mazedon seamless shopping with digital and physical presence will give shoppers knowledge about the product and make shopping a better experience. Mazedon supplier education program will make Mazedon seller more knowledgeable. Mazedon LoveBits, an appreciation program with Bitcoin for marketplace seller is quite interesting!

Senior Engineer -  SPX, Chicago, Illinois

Please I don’t want it to be only an Amazon world…

Retail Expert & Leader -  Apple

Thank you very much for this really interesting, deeply analytical, well structured and useful article.

Chairman -  International Businesses Standards Organization (IBSO)

Alexander, I agree that the state of commerce for most players. Most don’t have the discipline needed to constantly deliver value, provide real tools and restrain from trashing the home page. Customers reward companies who simplify their life, not ones who point a fire hose at them.

E-Commerce Project Manager -  RadioShack

Quite interesting observations. Digital marketing has truly broadened the average consumer’s knowledge. Trying to take advantage of the consumer is shooting oneself in the foot in the long term.

Manager -  Rumba Nutrition

That’s a well written article that brings you up-to-date to the current realities of the retail industry’s customer experience management. And your sources have been referenced. The satisfies the academic in me that believes in empirical evidence haha.

Marketing Coordinator -  MédiMabs

Thanks Alex for covering important aspects of today’s Phygital Retail.

QA Lead, -  Walmart Labs India

Eine gute Erklärung wie sich das Einkaufserlebnis im Retail ändert!
Translation: A good explanation of how the shopping experience in retail is changing!

Sales Representative -  IBM Deutschland GmbH

The message is what counts, and enlightenment it provides on omnichannel's evolution.

Director -  Walmart

Мы живём в самое интересное время, ведь за последние 20 лет прогресс сделал огромный прорыв! От мотороллы до айфона, от счётных машин к планшетам, от торговли до нового уровня Ретейла
Translation: We live in a very interesting time, because for the past 20 years, progress has made a huge breakthrough! From Motorola to iPhone from the countable machine to tablets, from trade to a new level Retail.

Real Estate Expert -  Moscow, Russia

As a woman, I believe shopping is a daily social activity and interactive experience. Today most of my shopping experience is hustle and boring in stores; Another side existing online shopping sites are full of unpleasant trick and a long wait. Mazedon is promising to provide seamless and interactive shopping experience. This is why I would like to prefer Mazedon. Waiting to see the launching day. Love Mazedon! How about you?

Mother Who Work

The old question: Brick and mortar Vs e-commerce. The future provides for a marriage, not a competition.
Not click-and-mortar, nor brick-and-mortar. Omni-channel will be the future of shopping.

Supply Chain Controller -  Dia, Portugal

Omnichannel is the new big thing!

CEO -  Jennyfer

Customers forcing retailers evolving from multi-channel to Omni-channel.

Payments / Ecommerce Expert

Retail is commanding #OmniChannel. That means catch up or be left behind.

Brand Manager -  Corporate Dynamics Inc

Wat een heerlijk artikel over de toekomst voor retail. Samengevat: Omnichannel, Don't be Evil en geloof niet alle mooie praatjes. Voor mij niet te controleren, maar het lijkt erop dat de cijfers wel kloppen.
Translation: What a wonderful article about the future of retail. Summary: Omni-channel, Do not be Evil and do not believe all the sweet talk; privacy, but it seems that the figures are correct.

R&S Advies en Oplossingen -  Netherlands

I actively agree that e-commerce is not the future of consumer-driven consumption and value chain interactions. E-commerce is an organic step of a very physical retail supply chain – not an evolutionary / disruptive ecosystem that your company envisions.

Sr. Director -  Swisslog

Interessante visie op de toekomst van retail.
Translation: Interesting vision of the future of retail.

Stichting Zuidwester -  Netherlands

Great job , Alexander Leenus great article I learnt a lot.

Mark Philpott
Founder & Chief Executive Officer -  Humaneity

As a consumer shopping needs to be the easiest thing in-stores and online but today there are recurring issues. Thou online shopping is very convenience with a click or lucrative with discounts, one can never be satisfied by experiencing the product or by holding in hands and viewing it directly at a physical store. So all my online shopping is limited to few items. However, today’s physical store has its own problem, I need to drive myself to a department store to buy things but it is not always possible in this busiest world. Sometimes physical stores are not desirable when they are very crowded during a festival season and weekends, standing in a queue for checkout is a nightmare and payment methods are limited. So, It is now time to fuse the digital and physical world of shopping to create the seamless shopping experience. I have learned this is what Mazedon is to provide and I must be a customer then! खरीदारी के लिए शुभकामनाएं!

Project Leader -  Dana India Technical Center, Dana Incorporated, India

Hi Alexander, Interesting article!
In fact, this is not the first Retail Evolution, it has been like that since the beginning. Up to 1950, the local stores was the normal way, after came the self-serve shops. Around 1970, shopping malls were built everywhere, then in 1990, the first pure online players appeared and now, it's about omni-channel.
From my point of view, the conclusion is: if you stay close to the customers' needs, you will develop and adapt your selling concept to satisfy the consumers.

Head of Global Online Business chez IKEA Group Omnichannel Experience -  IKEA

Thank you for this very interesting post. I totally encompassed your analysis as well as the described path towards we (Retailers) should all moved.


Very nice article Alexander. Impressive way of putting up your thoughts. A major challenge faced by brick & mortar setup in Metropolitan Cities of India is high cost of establishment. Whereas, in Smaller towns, it is the lack of volumes which poise a challenge for brick & mortar setup. Omni Presence is a viable solution in both the scenarios. A well-thought strategy could turn around the business volume and increase profitability.

Vishal Chopra
Business Analyst -  Shubham Timber

Mr. Alexander Leenus complements. Great article. I am a big "fan" of Brick and Mortar. Brick and Mortar had some difficult times because those in positions were not properly trained or had the required knowledge of business. Dealing with online businesses in many instances their customer service representatives don't have answers for customers' questions. Many online sites send customers to groups listed on their sites to posed questions and get answers. In more bazar situations, in my recent case, they provide customers with telephone numbers equipped with answering machines. Brick and Mortar now have trained, experience, professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable associates. They are equipped with the latest technology. Those technological equipment can provide valuable information on products. They can provide alternative or substitute products to the item required by customers. People including myself travel to Brick and Mortar, physically view products I need, and then place my order online. The reason is online prices usually be cheaper. If I have a problem I can travel back to that Brick and Mortar outlet.

Business Retail Sales -  Business Retail

Great post! Brick and Mortar retailing still continues to dominate retail sales, however the path to purchase is now greatly affected by mobile commerce. Retail mobile apps are a key part in this shift, and retailers need to keep the experience and branding consistent. From your store, to your website, to your app, consumers build a perspective about your brand and expect that same customer experience every time.

Kristine Uyesugi
HR Coordinator -  Quarterback Transportation

Finally, someone recognizes that e-commerce with physical handling and logistics to deliver at home cannot be profitable! One additional big change should be done to recover a minimum of profitability: stop the systematic discounting policies! Only the biggest can win this war and everyone is loosing money in the meantime. What a lack of imagination! All actors should try to bring more value instead of cutting prices.

Professor of Management Practice in Retail & Marketing -  Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management - ULB

Great Read talking about the snake oil of pure e-commerce.

Blaine Callard
Chief Executive Officer -  Harvey Norman Ireland

Very clean and elegant design.

Jorge Armando Trujillo G.
Publicista, Armenia, Colombia

I feel that some retailers have forgotten that there is a large percentage of customers (for varied reasons) who are cash only or do not have bank accounts! This doesn't mean they are poor or cannot spend. The high street store gives them this access to goods if they cannot go online! The retailers who go dual and are open to all types of customer in my mind will win in the long run.

Patsy Griffin
Great article reinforcing the value of personal, and genuine, customer service. Customers may research products online first, but will purchase in store if they feel valued and a connection to the associate. They will even pay more for the convenience of getting it immediately, and the security of knowing there is a real person to solve problems. Never underestimate the value of genuine customer service.
Natalie Karousatos
Independent Ambassador -  India Hicks, Inc
Totally agree. The new retail model is where the customer easily discover and experience products in the most efficient manner possible.
Michael Young
Vice President - Planning -  Diesel
Absolutely stunning design. Very modern and informative. Wonderful job!
Adriano Rodrigues
Graphic Designer -

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